Olio extra Vergine italiano

The real essence of 100% Oil

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Freshly pressed oil from olives contains various types of organic residues, from harvesting of the fruit to bottling. These organic residues are found in the skin of the olives, the harvesting nets, the crates, the washing machines, the vegetation water, the pressing-extraction and bottling machines, the pumps, and the tanks.…

educazione alimentare

The real essence of 100% Whole Oil

So-called “whole oil” contains: Water, Organic Residues and Bacteria.   Grappolini oil is just oil, without anything that is not oil. The skin of the olives, the nets and crates for harvesting, the washing machines, the pressing-extraction system, the vegetation water, the pumps, the tanks, the unsanitised bottling systems, all contain organic residues, water and…

Condimenti Bio

The real essence of high-profile Organic Condiments

Res Bio high-profile organic condiments Res is our Extra Virgin Olive Oil blended with essential oils, natural oils, and natural extracts. Extra virgin olive oil is a Therapeutic Food of great nutritional interest. It is the vehicle that transports all the substances it contains to all destinations. Essential oils trigger digestion and sense of taste…

Fetta Biscottata Naturale Bio

The real essence of Natural Organic Zwieback Rusks

Grappolini hand-made Organic Zwieback Rusks Our wholesome natural rusks are made from unaltered ingredients and incomparable to rusks produced using chemical, artificial or sophisticated ingredients. Most of the rusks on the market are produced by “dropping”. The liquid dough is made from flour, water, raising agent and chemical agents. This dough is “dropped” into closed…

Pastasciutta Italiana d’Autore 10

essence of “VitaNova” Signature Italian Pastasciutta

Signature Italian Pastasciutta Speciality Food made with Cappelli Ancient Wheat VitaNova is the name we have given to our Pastasciutta. From Cappelli Grano Antico ancient wheat, stone ground without removing the wheat germ, to bronze-extruded pasta with mineral water and dried at 38°C in just 10 Days. The nutrients, aromas and flavours of Cappelli Ancient Wheat…